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Support the struggle! - Jewelry to buy

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During my visit in Hanhikivi I was picking some shells, sand and at the beach. Now they are getting part of some bracelet and necklace (or anything else nice) to support the protest camp against the nuclear power plant plans and all the money goes to the struggle except the price for post stamps (1 € in Europe).  You are choosing the price you can afford and are willing to donate.

Bottles filled with sand and shells from Hanhikivi:

Flower of hope
(flowers from recycling centre)
All the material is recycled or nature fibre (except glue for putting the lids on bottles). The cords I am using are hemp or nettle, which are easy growing fibres and doesn't need pesticides.
How do I order or buy?
You can either order a piece of jewelry in your own taste or see done results here (coming soon).

To order or buy:
you can comment this post,
write an e-mail to idreaido(at)riseup(dot)net
write a message to me on facebook
or call/text me on: +358403221158
If you want to order your message could contain:
- If u want a necklace,  a bracelet or something else (headband or what you wish)
- colour of the cord:


 - If you want a bottle or a flower

- If the choice is bottle; colour of the shell (if u want a shell), with or without sand, lid of button or cardboard (or if you have another idea), jingle or bead to pendant on the side or nothing on the side.

- It the choice is flower; if any beads, jingles, if the cord should be braded or not. I have quite much beads and other things to put, so it's just to ask about if you want something particular colour or something and I can see what I have :)
About the buttons: F has a ropepattern, H and K have anchors.

The jewelry is wrapped in paper with associated handwritten note and is sended or given to you as fast as possible.

Here is a picture of Ajla and her Hanhikivi necklace:

 Hyökyaalto, protest camp, summer camp, report.

For any questions or thoughts, write a comment, send an e-mail to (idreaido(at)riseup(dot)net), message on facebook, or call/text: +358403221158

Take care!


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