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8 hours with bus and right into my heart

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Walpurgis nights drinking youth in the parks, Vappens me being home and packing to in the end putting the hiking shoes on and leave the apartment. Air is cool and the silence only got company from the birds singing, not like home in Sweden where firecrackers take over this night completely.
The metro was hot and noisy, my own thoughts didn't travel long in my head.
When waiting for the bus I took of my bagpack and ate my sandwich, smiled to the people wearing their graduation caps and in the end I could get on the red bus.

Eight hours later I arrive in Oulu, spend two hours in a café with a book in my hand and having a restlessness which I have never felt before. Waiting.
On the bus to Pyhäjoki, I am almost the only one left after that the bus driver have been stopping in Raahe. The blue white signs PYHÄJOKI 2.. PYHÄJOKI.. are echoing next to the road. Then a gigantic road is showing up on my right side. Fennovoimas illegal road.

We arrive next to the tiny foodstore where I will be picked up. I am throwing myself in my boyfriends arms and we walk to the car. With the wheels rolling, first, we miss the black and white little sign with Hanhikivi on it, but we find on the way back. It's true, real, but so tiny, compare to the companies big white false one. First it's a normal small road that the wheels are trusting on, angry signs shouts out along the roadsides.
 The small stones on the road are replaced with bigger ones, the gigantic broad construction road for the clear cutting of the forest is coming against us.
I just keep my mouth open.

Piles of trees next to us, all the time. I don't even dare to think about counting them. The cold empty ground behind them is making me wonder where the animals are and where they will live. It is, or was, a conservation area.
We are arriving to the camp and they show me around, to the cottages where the owners let us eat, sleep and have shelter from weather and wind. The cozy buildings are right next to the water and the sea is embracing me, as it always does. The waves are hitting the rocks, the sunlight glitters in it's water and the sea is singing. The birds fly above and I can't understand how anybody would like to destroy this and replace it with metre thick concrete and nuclear power.
 My boyfriend asks if I would like to see the area and if I want to see the stone; hanhikivi "goose stone" in English. I didn't have a clue about that there actually was a gigantic stone that is laying on the shore, despite it's name.

We follow the road a bit and come to the sign where the forest path one, just some weeks ago, have been. Now it's only clear-cut.
  He is showing me the last sentence on the sign: Alueen suojelumerkinnän vuoksi kivelle johtavaa polkua ei saa raivata, so; Taking the conservation marking, the trail leading to stone may not to be clear out.
But Fennovoima just gave a shit about that.
We walk through the murdered forest. I stumble after five metres on roots that doesn't have anything to give nutrition to anymore. I gaze out over the decapitated trees, only naked stubs are sticking up from the ground. 
- 95 hectars, he says and I nod slowly. My feet take me to one of the bigger stubs. Here it has been growing for many years, longer than what I have been existing and now it's just gone. The look continues to wander on the ground and I get to see lichen that still grows in peace, at least for some weeks more.
The stone is found and we walk up the stairs and get to stand on the top. They will leave the stone, with a ridiculous tiny forest around it. Ah, yeah, because it is an conservation area, a bit they have to leave. It almost feels like a joke when my boyfriend is pointint out how small that area would be.
   How the rare birds and all animals are going to fit there, that I don't have any clue about. Not either about how they and the humans living nearby will be affected by the radiation or if there is an accident. That the future only can tell, if we don't stop it in time of course.

It tickles a bit in the stomach to stand there, on the stone. For a while, I forget all the heavy thoughts and laughs when the ancestor from Moomin got to sit on the edge and be in the picture.
 Then the rain came and we needed to go on, my rain coat had actually been forgot home. We come out from the tiny forest and two owl nesting boxes stands out among the emptiness. The one against the big powerful sea, while the other one is resting on a rough truncated birch and has the clear-cut behind it.
- How would I be able to photograph this? comes out from my month and the tears are burning behind the eyelids.
He doesn't answer and our feet takes us further to the shore to the empty cottages and the sea. To my happiness I found tiny shells and wet stones that glitter beautifully in the sunligt. They almost look magical and I pretend that maybe they in some kind of way can resist the awfulness that is happening.
I pick some shells with me and decide to make something nice with them. (I sell jewelry that I have made of this materials, all the money goes to the camp. For more info write a comment or email to: idreaido(at)gmail(dot)com)
The big machines oil has allready took it's way to the water.
We are then getting back to the cottages, where everything is still beautiful and untouched. If you just throw a look at the ocean, you forget everything that is planned to be constructed, if the thougts still are coming there is moving a strong feeling in your body, fast, as a wildfire; there is not going to be a nuclear power plant here as long as I live
It is never getting completely dark in the north during the summermonths, even if the sun goes down. The pink sunset feels so massive and indescribably beautiful.
We take a eveningwalk with the moon next to our side and we fall asleep in the sleeping bag next to the others with the fire burning in the fireplace and in the heart. It is now or never.


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